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Sunday, August 17th 2008


All Divisions
1.  All games are 20 minutes in length, two 10-minute periods.
2.  Be at your “rink” 10 minutes before your scheduled game time.
3.  Participating teams will play a minimum of three games.
4.  Top team in each division will advance to the playoffs.
5.  A forfeit will result in a 1-0 score toward a potential tiebreaker.
6.  After round robin play, if teams remain tied, it will go to a tiebreaker format. (see tiebreaker below)
7.  Slapshots are not allowed.
8.  Sticks are not to be raised higher than the participants knee level.
9.  Each team is allowed a maximum of five participants on its active roster.    
10.  Four participants (3 players and a goalie) will be allowed to play at any given time.
11.  2 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 for a loss.
12.  Any ball leaving the playing area will result in a change of possession.
13.  Any infraction of the above rules will result in a change of possession.
14.  Any flagrant penalty may result in a penalty shot.
15.  Fighting and/or any form of verbal abuse towards officials, opponents and spectators WILL NOT  be tolerated.  Will result in ejection from tournament.
16.  Enforcement of these rules will be at the officials’ discretion.

Tiebreaker: Teams tied after round robin play:
1.  Head to Head result (only if two teams are tied).
2.  The team with the lowest Goals Against (total of all three games) will advance.
3.  Teams tied will compete in a three-man shootout.

1.  The top team in each division will advance to the playoff round.  There will be a wild card entry to the playoffs for the Mites and Squirts divisions. The wild card entry will be the top team in that particular age group who is not a division winner.
2.  Single game elimination.
3.  All games are 20 minutes in length, two 10-minute periods.
4.  If teams are tied after regulation time, one 5-minute sudden death overtime period will be played.
5.  If teams are still tied after overtime, a three-man shootout will be held.