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Listen to the music you hear at Sabres home games on your MP3 player, including featured selections by your favorite Sabres players.  Player Tunes is the only place to view the music of the Buffalo Sabres.

Song: City of Blinding Lights
Artist: U2
** Video Open
Song: Street Fighting Man
Artist: Rolling Stones
** Introduction Song
Song: Welcome Home
Artist: Coheed and Cambria
** Power Play Song

Song: Wake Up
Artist: Arcade Fire
** Goal Celebration

Song: Ride the Lightning

Artist: Metallica
** Maxim Afinogenov Selection

Song: Galvanize

Artist: The Chemical Brothers
** Maxim Afinogenov Selection

Song: Hammerhead

Artist: The Offspring
** Maxim Afinogenov Selection

Song: Elevation

Artist: U2
** Maxim Afinogenov Selection

Song: Hot in the City

Artist: Billy Idol
** Maxim Afinogenov Selection

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