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Cellino and Barnes are proud to be teaming up with the Buffalo Sabres this year to celebrate their 40th Anniversary season by offering fans the chance to win tickets to upcoming home games with the Cellino and Barnes 40th Anniversary Trivia Contest.

During each Sabres home  game on MSG look for clues throughout the game to identify the Sabres 40th Anniversary player of the game....once you think you know who the player of the game is, visit this page to register your vote and watch to see if you are that night’s winner of two tickets to an upcoming game! It's that simple.
Contest Rules & Regulations

10/22/10 vs. Ottawa: Peter Mechtler 01/21/11 vs. NY Islanders: Jon Walters
11/03/10 vs. Boston: Andrew Beltz 02/05/11 vs. Toronto: Laurie Vail
11/05/10 vs. Montreal: John Byrd 02/13/11 vs. NY Islanders: Gary Schmieder
11/13/10 vs. Washington: Brent Bernosky 02/16/11 vs. Toronto: Tabitha Fitzpatrick
11/15/10 vs. Vancouver: Jill Welsby 02/18/11 vs. St. Louis: Greg Brooks
11/19/10 vs. Los Angeles: Lawrence Czwojdak 02/23/11 vs. Atlanta: Chelsea Fitzpatrick
11/20/10 vs. Tampa Bay: Alexis Beaudoin 02/25/11 vs. Ottawa: Ed Roberts
11/24/10 vs. Pittsburgh: Dan LeRoy 02/26/11 vs. Detroit: Richard Ball
11/26/10 vs. Toronto: Nicole Bartus 03/13/11 vs. Ottawa: Jesse Osiadlo
12/03/10 vs. Columbus: Claudia Greck 03/19/11 vs. Atlanta: Barbara Chesley
12/09/10 vs. San Jose: Babette Tenbuuren 03/20/11 vs. Nashville: Megan Spalti
12/11/10 vs. Pittsburgh: Lisa Spada 03/25/11 vs. Florida: Mark Muscato
12/15/10 vs. Boston: Maggie Fix 03/26/11 vs. New Jersey: Erika Oakes
12/23/10 vs. Florida: David Zelaszkiewicz 03/30/11 vs. New York Rangers: Bob Stinnett
01/01/11 vs. Boston: Mike Wetzel 04/05/11 vs. Tampa Bay: Angelina Creed
01/13/11 vs. Carolina: Justin Sherman